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We have a large selection of Sam’s prints, and are pleased to add four more releases to our collection! Take a look at all the wonderfully life-affirming prints here.

New launch: Roald Dahl official collector's edition prints

Take a look at these brilliant new scenes taken from Roald Dahl's most popular stories.  These collector's edition prints are as bright, fun, and humorous as ever. Visit our Roald Dahl page to view our large collection of official collector's edition prints.

Originals from Sean Durkin

Sean Durkin artist original painter

When Sean Durkin's father infamously stole a LS Lowry painting in 1972, Durkin had no idea that he would one day himself become an acclaimed artist.  

"As a boy, I awoke in our terraced house, went downstairs and there in front of me on the mantel piece was a curious little painting depicting what looked to me like a big house, a church, and some 'matchstick' people scurrying around. My father had stolen it from a public art gallery the previous evening."

As a whimsical nod to his father's exploits, viewers can find a matchstick robber and policeman in each of his paintings.    

Some of our favourites