Joe Ramm

Joe Ramm lives with her husband, daughter and her dog “Tinker” by the sea in Brighton. She works in a studio at the end of her garden and enjoys long walks by the sea where she plans what she'll be painting next. She also has an attachment to the West Country, where the wild landscapes provide a vast source of inspiration.

Joe studied Illustration at the Harrow School of Art before spending ten years in London as a freelance editorial illustrator. Following a move to Brighton, she began to paint on wood and exhibited in numerous shows, including The Battersea Contemporary Art Fair and Brighton Art Fair. She also takes part in the Brighton Open House Festival.

Joe Ramm creates whimsically narrative pieces, featuring landscapes and characters who intrigue and draw you in. The images in this collection are created in her own unequivocal style, reflecting her personality and experience as an illustrator.

"39 Steps"