Anna Pugh

Anna Pugh Artist Portrait

Anna Pugh, born in Kent in 1938, is one of England's leading folk artists. She is admired worldwide as a colourist and storyteller. In twenty years Anna Pugh has produced over two hundred paintings, all in private collections in Great Britain, Europe and North America.

Anna has been painting from an early age, and her parents' occupations as vets and gardeners undoubtedly set the tone of her artistic direction. Her paintings show scenes of animals, birds and nature. Occasionally, surreal elements such as unicorns add a touch of the unexpected. People do not feature often in her paintings.

Anna's style is unconventional, perhaps stemming from her training in graphic design - she plays with perspectives and colours and weaves an almost dream-like story. 

Few artists equal Anna's ability to record natural phenomena and to invigorate it with such persuasive illusion. Her paintings have the freshness and irreverent vitality of life lived close to nature. They are pictures that people enjoy living with, recording the countryside; the flora and fauna and the changing seasons.